PUSHPALATHA Yoga teacher/therapist

A yoga teacher and expert clinician physical therapy. Committed to empower clients to enhance function, healing and to experience well-being. Integrating the ancient wisdom of yoga practice and philosophy with current health sciences of mind and body, intelligent new media journalist and mindful yoga teacher.


6+ years experience in yoga teaching and therapy

I have experience in therapy given to the clients with following diseases through yoga therapy, like back pain, thyroid issues, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, Diabetes type II, hypertension, infertility, hormonal imbalance (PCOD, PCOS), knee pain, Spondylitis, frozen shoulder, all psychosomatic disorders, disc prolapse, Parkinson’s, seizures, vertigo, cancer, sinusitis, allergies, digestive issues, menstrual disorders, obesity, weight loss, inch loss, weight gain and beauty treatments such as skin glow, hair falling control, preventive methods for covid-19 along with the balanced diet.

Expert in teaching pranayamas (ashtakumbakas) such as surya bhedana, ujjayi, seethali, seetkari, kapalabathi, basthrika, bhramari, plavani.and different kind of breathing techniques and haatha gestures


  • Advanced yoga poses
  • Sound knowledge in body anatomy and physiology, impact of asanas on different body parts
  • Specialist in therapy classes
  • Clinical expert in yoga
  • Psychotherapist
  • Nutritionist
  • Social activist
  • Strong communication skills
  • Safety techniques
  • Spontaneous teaching (therapy)
  • Demonstrating yoga poses
  • Leadership
  • Spontaneous teaching (therapy)
  • Result oriented
  • Women coordinator(Surya yoga foundation)-visakhapatnam


  • BSC(Biological sciences)
  • MBA
  • Diploma in yoga
  • Therapy in yoga
  • MA yoga and consciousness -Andhra university
  • PHD in yoga-current



  • During pandemic, first wave of covid-19, i took up online yoga classes(pranayama, meditation)for 148 covid positive patients and for 200 patients in covid-19 second wave, with
  • Teaching experience in saroornagar government high school, Government junior college, RR District.
  • Teaching experience in government high school, malakpet from Global human rights association.
  • Teaching experience for mental retarded students.
  • Teaching experience in patanjali yoga center, visakhapatnam
  • Yoga therapist in Andhra university
  • Teaching experience in sri chaithanya scool, bhashyam school, visakhapatnam to enhance the concentration and memory for the students.
  • Conducted international yoga day protocols in government women’s college, visakhapatnam (2020,2021)
  • Conducted webinars regarding covid-19 prevention and safety protocols.
  • Conducted webinars regarding women’s


  • Working as a yoga therapist in vrindhavan ayurveda hospital, visakhapatnam
  • Taking onlie yoga classes for clients from canada, USA, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam.
  • District Women coordinator of Surya yoga foundation, visakhapatnam
  • Youth chairman of National Global Human rights, Hyderabad
  • Chairman of pushpanjali yoga charitable trust.


  • Best yoga teacher award – surya yoga foundation, visakhapatnam
  • Global rising star award
  • Seva puraskar abdulkalam award_ GHRA
  • Excellence award from Rainbow children’s film society
  • Pingali venkayya award ( our National flag designer)
  • International yoga day award